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The original Benrinnes distillery was built in 1826 by Peter McKenzie but only lasted three years after a flood washed it away. A new distillery was built a few kilometres away in 1835. It sits under the shadow of the dominating Ben Rinnes mountain range (2759ft). Ben Rinnes also supplies water to the distillery. John Dewar & Sons became owners in 1922 and then DCL in 1927 after acquiring Dewar & Sons. The distillery was completely rebuilt from 1955 to 1956 and the Victorian components were replaced. A Saladin box was introduced in 1964 replacing the floor maltings and then decommissioned in 1984. Three more stills were added in 1966 taking the number up to six, grouped three and three, creating a form of partial triple distillation. The first official bottling was in 1991, before that the spirit was used for blends mainly Johnnie Walker, a 15 year old in the Flora & Fauna series was released. Bottlings from Independents are rare. We are delighted to offer Benrinnes 1991 Connoisseurs Choice, Benrinnes 2002 Carn Mor (20cl), Benrinnes 15 year old and Benrinnes 23 Year Old (1985) for international delivery.

Distillery: Benrinnes
Region: Speyside
Established: 1826
Status: Active
Proprietor: Diageo
Stills: 2 wash stills, 2 spirit stills
Capacity: 2 600 000 litres of alcohol per year
Open To Visitors: No

Contact: Benrinnes Distillery
AB38 9NN
Water Source: The Scurran and Rowantree Burns
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