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Dufftown distillery was built in an old meal mill in 1895, it being the sixth distillery in Dufftown at the time. The distilleries water source, Jock’s Well, has been highly disputed through the years, with nearby Mortlach distillery caught on many an occasion trying to divert the water to their distillery. Arthur Bell & Sons bought Dufftown in 1933 and the bulk of the whisky was used in Bell’s blend and still is to date. The distillery is probably one of the most cramped in Scotland and with two stills added in 1974 and a further two stills in 1979 there was meticulous planning to make use of the space available. This gives Dufftown the capacity to produce 27 million litres of spirit per annum. The only official bottlings have been the 15 year old in the Flora & Fauna series and recently, a version called Singleton of Dufftown released by Diageo.

Distillery: Dufftown
Region: Speyside
Established: 1896
Status: Active
Proprietor: Diageo
Stills: 3 wash stills, 3 spirit stills
Capacity: 4,000,000 litres of alcohol per year
Water Source: Jock’s Well

Open To Visitors: Tours by appointment only

Contact: Dufftown Distillery

Dufftown 20 Year Old Centenary

Dufftown 20 Year Old Centenary

£295.83 ex VAT
£355.00 inc VAT
Dufftown-Glenlivet 8 Year Old Pure Malt

Dufftown-Glenlivet 8 Year Old Pure Malt

£137.50 ex VAT
£165.00 inc VAT
The Speyside area is renowned for its quality of water and herein lies one of the reasons for the excellence of the Dufftown-Glenlivet Pure Malt Whisky. This, p
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