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In the town of Campbeltown sits Glen Scotia Distillery. With a history of illicit stills traced back to the 18th century, one of which was Glen Scotia. The Galbraith family licensed the distillery in 1835, this appears on the labels. The distillery is small in stature and has had two re-builds, in 1894 and 1982. Its water is taken from two wells below the distillery and from the Crosshill Loch. It is said that Duncan MacCallum, a previous owner who drowned himself in the Campbeltown Loch, returns to haunt the distillery at night.

Distillery: Glen Scotia
Region: Campbeltown
Established: 1832
Status: Active
Proprietor: Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Ltd.
Stills: 1 wash still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: 750,000 litres of alcohol per year
Water Source: Crosshills Loch and private well

Open To Visitors: Tours by appointment

Contact: Glen Scotia Distillery
12 High Street
Argyll & Bute
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