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Inverleven distillery was built within the Dumbarton distillery complex by Hiram Walker in 1938. The sole purpose was to produce grain whisky, but Inverleven single malt was also produced. The distillery was a towering building that overlooked the point where the river Leven flows into the Clyde estuary. Alistair Cunningham developed the Lomond still at Inverleven, with the purpose of producing different kinds of whisky with the same equipment. Dumbarton distillery and the Inverleven complex were mothballed in 1992 and finally closed and demolished in 2002.

Distillery: Inverleven
Region: Lowland
Established: 1938
Status: Demolished (2002)
Proprietor: Allied Domecq (Pernod Ricard)
Stills: 1 wash still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: Loch Lomond

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