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North Port was founded in Brechin in 1820. Its founder, David Guthrie was the uncle of the famous Dr. Thomas Guthrie who was a preacher, philanthropist and social reformer who studied in Edinburgh. David Guthrie’s sons, David John and Alexander took over running the distillery in 1823 and ran most of the 19th century. It was snapped up by DCL in 1922 and they ran it till 1983 when they mothballed it. The site was sold in 1993 and the last warehouses were demolished a year later. A supermarket now sits there.

Distillery: North Port
Region: Highland
Established: 1820
Status: Demolished (1994)
Stills: 1 wash still, 1 spirit still
Capacity: unknown
Water Source: Loch Lee

Open To Visitors: No

Contact: North Port Distillery
Trinity Road
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